Local small-business supporters keeps tree farm afloat for 60 years

Nationally, many families are turning to artificial Christmas trees, but that's not the case for Eby's Evergreen Plantation in Bristol, Indiana.

“We have between 400 and 500 acres growing,” said plantation president Jeff Alexander. “Here, we have been pretty steady.” .

It is something that some farmers around the country cannot really say.

Eby's is one of the last U-Cut tree farms in the area, and it is thanks to customers like Sarah Galiher that keep the demand high.

“We're excited to go home and decorate!” said Galiher.

The Galiher's said it was their second year coming to the U-Cut farm.

Those who visit Eby's say it is about more than picking a tree to decorate, but also to support a long-standing, local business.

“I think that's really important actually. I'm glad we got to be a part of that and I'm glad we get to support them and I think supporting anybody that's a part of our community is important,” said Galiher.

Eby's has seen that same support for six decades now.

“Since 1954 we've been selling trees,” said Alexander. “My grandfather started the business.”

He said it is thanks to those same continuing traditions that keep his family business going strong.

“We get generations that come out here and they all come out together,” said Alexander.

So to this plantation president, this symbol for Christmas is more like a symbol of family and tradition.

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