Local wine grapes not as affected by frost

BARODA, Mich. -- Last week's frost devastated local juice grapes, but if you prefer wine over juice -- you're in luck!

There may actually be a decent wine crop this year.

Juice grapes grow earlier than wine grapes, so they took most of the damage.

On Monday, we talked with local vinters in Baroda.

They told us their crops are okay for right now, but that could change.

"We still will have frost events right up until the full moon those couple nights with the 6th and 7th of may. So we're not out of the woods on these varieties yet," said Wally Maurer of Domaine Berrien Wine Cellars.

Even if the cellar loses all of its wine grapes this year, the past two growing seasons have been so good that there is plenty of wine stored up to get through the summer.

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