Long-time South Bend residents weigh in on crime around University of Notre Dame

South Bend city councilman Dr. Fred Ferlic says it is time to put a stop to the violent crimes in his district, an area that surrounds the University of Notre Dame, and he is publicly calling on the mayor for help.

Abc 57 News went out into the community and talked with a couple who has lived in the area since the 1980's.

Victor and Ernestine Jones have lived near Notre Dame for decades.  They say when they first moved to the area, it was rare to even see a car drive down the street. 

Victor says things have changed drastically over the years.  “It has changed so much now since we have got the Eddy Street Commons because there's another influx of different people now.”

Victor says the shops, bars, and restaurants in the Commons are bringing more than just college students and Notre Dame fans to the area.  “They know people are here and they know people visit and so naturally that will draw the criminals also; The people who are going to steal, the people who are going to rob you, you are going to get all of that.”

Mr. and Mrs. Jones say longtime residents seem to not have a big bull's-eye on their homes, but they say college students are a different story. 

“Targeting is the thing. Next door, we had some students.  Somebody else was watching them and broke into their home,” explained Victor.  He says everyone in the neighborhood needs to look out for one another. 

“I just kind of look out for everybody, I watch the house next door or if I see a suspicious car, I'm on watch,” Victor said. “But over all our neighborhood is not bad at all.”

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