Losing control of your vehicle in Michigan could result in a fine

NILES, Mich. -- With snow and ice covering much of Michiana’s roads it comes as no surprise that police are seeing several slide offs and crashes.

Michigan State Police say even in these snowy and icy conditions, drivers could get fined for losing control of their vehicles.

Michigan State Police Sergeant Timothy Thompson says the weather is no excuse for drivers to slide off of the road or get into an accident.

“In extreme conditions when roads are icy, you obviously have to be the responsible person, drive your car responsibly, and drive safely to avoid sliding off the road and crashing your car," said Thompson.

In fact, if you do, there’s a chance you could be fined.

“You could be in violation of the Michigan vehicle code which states that you have to drive your vehicle in a safe manner, regardless of the roads and weather,” Thompson said.

Police say there is no fixed price for the ticket because the fee is set by the county you live in.

Some drivers say it’s too harsh a law during this brutal winter.

“You can’t help the weather conditions at all. The roads could be icy, it could be snowy.”

Others say it's fair.

“I think it’s fair. Anyone that ignorant or that incompetent shouldn’t be out there. Drive slower, if you can’t maintain what you’re driving get off the road. You’re a hazard,” said truck driver William Palmer.

“You just drive slow enough so you can maintain control of your vehicle,” Gerald Ross said.

Police say although you can be ticketed for sliding off of the road, they don’t issue too many tickets for that alone.

“However, if your vehicle slides off the roadways and crashes into another vehicle, or severely damages somebody else’s property, or public property then you may be expecting a citation," said Thompson.

Police do not have to see the crash or slide off to determine you were driving too fast for conditions. They say the crash or slide off is enough to issue a ticket.

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