Love is in the air this Valentine's Day at the Potawatomi Conservatory

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - This Valentine’s Day 16 couples tied the knot at the Potawatomi Conservatory.

It was a lot cheaper than a big traditional wedding, for just $50.

Another six couples chose to elope at the St. Joseph County courthouse.

The clerk's office says they have given out more marriage licenses than usual, as folks celebrate the day of love.

Those lovebirds telling ABC57 they choose to elope for a number of reasons from high wedding costs, the pandemic, and just spontaneity.

One wedding planner told ABC57 that while they have seen an increase in elopements and smaller more intimate ceremonies over the past two years, some still opt for the big traditional wedding.

South Bend’s full-service event planning, Belle Behind the Ball told ABC57, “With the rising investment of a wedding, whether it's an elopement or a traditional wedding, having an expert like a wedding and travel planner is your best tool to control costs and allocate your money in the most efficient way."

According to one study from, the national average cost for weddings is up to $30,000, which is up $2,000 over last year.

Here in Michiana, the averages are a bit lower at $23,000 in Indiana and $27,000 in Michigan.

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