FULL STORY: Love.Honor.Betrayal. - The murder of Tyrone Hassel III

Just an hour before midnight on New Year's Eve 2018, Army Sgt. Tyrone Hassel III was gunned down outside his father's home in St. Joseph Township, Michigan.

The case dominated the headlines in Michiana and across the nation.

Within ten days, investigators learned Tyrone's own wife, Kemia Hassel, planned the crime with her lover, fellow soldier Jeremy Cuellar.

Less than two weeks after the crime, Kemia and Cuellar were charged in Tyrone's murder.

ABC57 obtained investigative reports, crime scene photos, police body cam footage, the 9-1-1 call, a call between Kemia and her mother and video of face-to-face meeting between Cuellar and the victim’s father.

We compiled the data to create Love.Honor.Betrayal., a look at what drove Kemia to kill her husband, how Cuellar committed the crime with her help, how officers discovered the plot and the evidence that supported their convictions.

Click here to web exclusive content from this series and to read past stories about the murder.

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