Lowe's employees work on Island Park in Niles

Co-workers in Niles got together for more than just an hour lunch break. On Tuesday morning, Lowe's Heroes volunteer program helped employees gather at Island Park to give it a much needed upgrade. 

The main goal of these volunteers is to make this park safer and more attractive for children in the community.

“I think it just a little run down and that’s why we’re kind of down here too to have the kids have a little bit something nice to have and call their own park,” said Mark Conrad, a volunteer and Niles resident. 

Lowe's picked Island Park in Niles for it's annual Lowe's Heroes volunteer program. This program allows employees to pitch and adopt a project that can benefit the community in which they work and live in. 

One of the company's employees got married at this park and realized it needed a facelift. Everything else fell into place and the crew started getting to work. 

“Well we just we all got together," said George Grenon another volunteer. "We came down here as a team.”

This Lowe's team has a $2,500 budget. They plan to add more swings, update the slides and maybe even put in a basketball court. 

Lowe's has even stepped it up a notch and made this volunteer program nationwide. 

It wasn't long before these volunteers started trimming trees, edging and fixing up benches. The next step is to begin painting the swing sets. 

Since this is a project that will take time, volunteers are encouraging others to come join them in making Island Park enjoyable for all ages. 

“And like I said it’s not just my part. It’s everybody’s part. And I want kids to come down here," said Conrad. "They’re more than welcome.”

Volunteers will be there daily from 11 am to 3 pm, or until they feel like the work is finished, which would be as late as Friday. 

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