Loyal constituents remember Jackie Walorski

NOW: Loyal constituents remember Jackie Walorski


MISHAWAKA, Ind. --- People are still pouring out their condolences following the sudden death of Congresswoman Jackie Walorski. Many of her loyal constituents are still grieving the loss of their representative, some that worked really closely with Walorski in campaigns and appearances.

“Every time we would go there she was all smiles and just so happy to see everybody and hugging everyone,” says Donna Laureys, a supporter of Jackie Walorski. “Just a very lively, appreciative person.”

Donna Laureys and her husband John have been close supporters of Jackie Walorski ever since she first ran for Congress in 2009. Throughout the years, they have worked closely with her during campaigns and public appearances. John even built a few of Walorski’s parade floats and the couple appeared in some campaign commercials!

While looking back on their time spent with the Republican lawmaker, Donna remembers a specific moment at one of her parades where she knew that Walorski cared deeply for her constituents.

“I felt so awful, I had to lay down. I laid down in the grass, and as more people of the parade, it didn’t take long, more supporters for Jackie saw what was going on, some of them came over to check on me to see how I was and someone told Jackie,” recalls Laureys. “She came over and she was at my head, and I could hear her talking to me, asking me how you feeling and everything, I said not so good. So she poured some water on my head to kind of help, and it did help, and she prayed over me.”

Donna says she will always remember how deeply Walorski cared for her supporters, and hopes the person that fills her seat in Congress knows they have a big role to fill, because it’s more than just being a voice for the district.

“I just can’t say enough good about her,” Laureys says. “With every politician, there’s going to be times when you’re going to agree or disagree, but when it came to Jackie, she pretty much was on top of the issues and she nailed it every time. She knew what she was doing.”

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