Made in Michiana: Carved

Made in Michiana: Carved

ELKHART, Ind. -- Tucked away and nestled within one of the many family neighborhoods in a building over 100 years old, is Carved. It’s a 21st century business leading a comeback “boom.”

“You think Chicago or maybe even Mishawaka, but here in Elkhart? There’s not a lot like it in Elkhart”

In 2011, locals Jon Weber and Grant Sassman found the need for a new niche in the booming smartphone case industry.

‘When the iPhone first came out, Jon wanted something to set it apart. Went searching for something and couldn’t find anything he wanted, so he decided to start his own,” said Alex Gorsuch, brand builder at Carved. 

So thus, Carved was started.

More than 16 forward-thinking employees all have one goal in mind: Sustainable, specialized smartphone cases for the 21st Century.

“The majority of our cases are made with veneer. They also have a protective sealant on it. After that we will either engrave artwork or print artwork. And then cut it to specific devices. Once that’s done, we will put another protective coat on it. And from there we will case it, package it and ship it out,” said Gorsuch.

The cases are all made by hand from wood and resin.

“What I like to imagine is that our cases are so beautiful that when you sit down to eat, you actually put it face down and then engage with who you are eating with. You can engage in life, so you don’t have the distraction of your screen. You have the talking point of the case and can engage in real life,” Gorsuch explained.

Wallets, cases, and home docking stations are already being created but Gorsuch says even more products are planned for the future as their business model continues to expand.

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