Made in Michiana: Green Oak Antiques

ROCHESTER, Ind. -- In an effort to encourage people to buy goods that are made locally, ABC57 is spotlighting Michiana businesses. For more than three decades, Green Oak Antiques in Fulton County has been selling furniture and antiques.

Just weeks away from Christmas, the mad rush is on to find that ideal gift to light up the face of a loved one.

At Green Oak Antiques they specialize in redesigning recycled ceiling tin, architectural and barn parts into original pieces.

Ann Furnivall and her family have been at it since 1978.

“We started in our house. John was little. He just grew up with this,” said Ann.

Now grown up, John helps bring old furniture pieces back to life.

Green Oak Antiques is a small mom-and-pop shop that employs about 10 people at their Rochester store.

But their labor of love is far reaching. People from all over the nation purchase these unique and handmade finds.

The Furnivalls also work with local carpenters, farmers and an Amish family in Nappanee.

Judi Jones has been shopping there for 15 years and counting.

Jones enjoys knowing that she's putting money back into the local economy.

"If we didn’t support places like this, we wouldn’t have anything,” said Jones.

Everything in the store is Michiana made.

The shop is about 10,000 square feet and has more than 300 pieces of furniture.

Click here to visit the store's website.

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