Made in Michiana: Sunny’s Gourmet Products

Made in Michiana: Sunny’s Gourmet Products

MISHAWAKA, Ind.—This week’s Made in Michiana takes us to Sunny’s Gourmet Products in Mishawaka.

From a very young age, Sunny Kaminski has been a food connoisseur.

“I’m a farmer’s daughter, I grew up very country,” Kaminski said, “When I was growing up, there was no electric, no gas. So I can land in anywhere, I can survive.”

Kaminski was born and raised in a rural part of South Korea with limited means.  In 1976, she landed in the United States, more than 7,200 miles from home.

After years of cooking for family and friends, and even in other restaurants, Kaminski got a shot at opening up her own restaurant in 1989.

“Hot sauce is from my mom’s recipe. I watched her as a little girl making it and I know what ingredients she put together,” Kaminski said.

Kaminski now owns Sunny’s Gourmet Products and connects with everyone who stops in to try her cuisine.

“One day this lady came in and we served it with an appetizer and she said Sunny, you have to bottle this,” Kaminski said. “I tried it and it works and ever since then I’ve been making batches and batches.”

From kimchi seasoning to sesame dressing and that famous teriyaki sauce, Sunny’s Gourmet Products currently carries eight different products.

Kaminski says she could not have imagined as a little girl that her name would be on the bottles.

“It’s been a big blessing. I couldn’t be more proud and my children are proud of me,” Kaminski said.

Currently, Sunny’s Gourmet Products is sold in 17 states. Locally, it’s sold in Whole Foods, Amazon and Martin’s.

Her restaurant is going on year 28 in downtown Mishawaka.

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