'Main Street Mysteries' in Goshen, part of outdoor adventure game's proceeds goes to historical society museum

Escape from Reality

GOSHEN, Ind. -- Goshen-based business, Escape from Reality, is hosting the app-based outdoor adventure game, "Main Street Mysteries," in downtown Goshen on Saturday, June 22, with part of the game's proceeds being donated to the Goshen Historical Society Museum.

“Main Street Mysteries is described as an engaging and immersive walking game set in the 1940s. Participants will embark on an adventure along Main Street, solving puzzles and uncovering clues to solve the mystery of the stolen war bonds. The notorious heist was orchestrated by the infamous gangster, Victor “The Viper” Vane."

The game includes puzzles like those in an escape room, and some trivia, photo, and video challenges.

There's also a scavenger hunt.

The game is designed to be a walking game but can be done with modes of transportation like bicycles, skateboards, or a car.

Officials say the game's appropriate for all ages, but a cell phone and ability to follow a map is required.

They add it's a big area, and it can be easy to get lost. 

Officials also note some puzzles may be difficult for children under 12, so you may want to diversify your groups.

You will use an app on one phone, and objects from a backpack to complete tasks.

There is no time limit, but it takes an average of one to two hours walking to complete.

Multiple teams can and will play at once as it is self-directed. Teams can be two to five players.

Game officials will monitor weather leading up to your scheduled game. 

The game will be held in the rain, unless it is expected to be hard rain, a thunderstorm or high gusts of wind.

If a weather alert is issued, officials will contact you to change days.

The game is $15 per player, and you can book your game here.

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