Making wish lists come true

NOW: Making wish lists come true

SAINT JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. — Random acts of kindness, from complete strangers, delivered right to your front door.

Slamming or snorking is the newest way to spread love here in Michiana right from the comfort of your own home.

SNORK or Secret Ninjas of Random Kindness is a Facebook group that currently has over 15,000 members all with the same mission in mind— to brighten someone else’s day through gifts.

“You make an amazon wishlist and share it with the group on Facebook. Tell a little bit about yourself and then strangers from around the community will go to your list and go buy stuff for you and it come right to you and then you will do the same thing for them” explains Bontrager “It’s giving and receiving, just acts of kindness.”

SLAM or Spreading Love Around Michiana is the localized version of this larger group created by Wendy Bontrager on Tuesday.

“The first hour I had 500 members and today the last I looked we’re at 1800,” says Bontrager.

Bontrager says joining was a no brainer.

“One of my friends added me, it was like Friday night and by Sunday I had already sent like 25 gifts to people like I was hooked!” says Bontrager.

It is quite easy to get hooked when you get that warm fuzzy feeling knowing you are making someone else’s day.

“Everybody is so invested in it.” says Bontrager “Like all of our members are invested they are making new friends, it’s awesome to see so many others care as much as I do about it.”

The lists made do not only have to be for you or your loved ones, but Bontrager is starting the trend by creating a list for the Elkhart Country Women’s Shelter so anyone can share the love with Mothers who may be without this Mother's Day.

“I was like this is the perfect idea everyone can kind of pitch in." says Bontrager "Everyday essentials like tooth brush toothpaste face wash, and I did everything to do manicures cause I think every mom wants to do a pedicure for Mother’s Day, snacks and back to school packs for their kids.”

The groups immediate following reminds Bontrager of the giving community she is so proud to be apart of.

"Things have been rough around here with quarantine and everything so I thought it would be nice to keep it more local. It just makes you feel good knowing you're going to make someone else’s day and they are going to get that package and have a smile." says Bontrager "I won’t be there to see it but it’s nice knowing I’m going to brighten someone else’s day.”

If you are interested in joining the group all you have to do is go to the "Michiana SLAM" Facebook page.

There you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire before the admin will add you in.

All the group asks is that no one "cold drop" or just leave you wish list there without returning the love to others.

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