Man accused of using stolen ID to withdraw money from bank

A man has been arrested on multiple charges for allegedly trying to withdraw money from someone else's bank account, according to court records.

On July 10, the St. Joseph County Police Department was contacted by Horizon Bank about a fraud in progress in the drive through.

When the officer arrived to the scene, the officer spoke with the occupants of the vehicle in question.

The passenger, who the officer said seemed nervous, identified himself as 'David Fissette,' reports said.

The officer then spoke with the driver privately. The driver identified the passenger as Jeff Niedbalski. The driver said he didn't know why Niedbalski was lying about his name, according to the probable cause affidavit.

After speaking with the driver, the officer went back to the car and told Niedbalski he knew he was lying.

Niedbalski then told the officer his name was "Kyle Wujcik," reports said.

The officer informed Niedbalski that the driver had identified him. Niedbalski then admitted that was his name, reports said.

Niedbalski then said he made a mistake trying to withdraw $1400 from a checking account that doesn't belong to him, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Police said Niedbalski was in possession of another person's ID.

Niedbalski admitted to getting month twice before, reports said.

Officers spoke with bank employees. They said their fraud investigator had been working on an investigation and sent out a picture of the suspect, reports said.

One employee said he recognized the vehicle and the driver and knew of the previous transactions, reports said.

The victim said he didn't know Niedbalski or that he was missing an ID. He was also unsure who could have stolen the check or his identification, reports said.

Niedbalski has been charged with synthetic Identity deception, attempted theft and two counts of false informing.

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