Man attempts to break into cars in River Park

NOW: Man attempts to break into cars in River Park

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - A man was caught on camera attempting to break into multiple cars in a back alley near Mishawaka Avenue and 31st Street.

Thursday around 9:00 p.m. a man tried to break into Calvin Malonney's vehicles.

Malonney's security cameras caught it all.

A man pulled on door handles multiple times and when he couldn't find a way inside he tried another car.

Malonney didn't want to be on camera but told ABC 57 that the suspect didn't get away with anything.

We spoke with business owner Diann Becker who operates a grooming business a few feet from where the incident happened.

She says more homes and businesses are putting security cameras up for reasons like this.

"I recommend cameras for a lot of places and not just in this area. But it's not just happening in this area, but in other areas. People are just getting more brave about going out and getting something that is not theirs," Becker said.

According to South Bend Police there have been three larcenies to vehicles and one car theft in the River Park area.

Police advise to make sure you lock your doors and remove all valuables from your car when leaving it.

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