Man claims gator belongs to him, wants to be reunited

PLYMOUTH, Ind. --- A Plymouth man said he is frustrated with Marshall County Law Enforcement after not being reunited with his alligator.

Sassy the Alligator was caught taking a swim in a nearby pond on Tuesday. Jason Doll said the alligator that was caught belongs to him and he wants her back.

“I just want to get this behind me and get the alligator back,” he said.

Doll said he was given Sassy from a friend a year ago. She is an almost three-foot alligator, according to Marshall County Sheriff’s Department.

“There’s certain features that I know about that I could explain without looking at her,” he said.  “I’ve been going nuts for the past four days.”

Doll said he is frustrated because he doesn’t know where the alligator is and doesn’t believe he’s being told much about the investigation.

“It’s just kind of hush hush you know,” he said. “And they know I was there trying to get her I was even jumping in the water I didn’t use some type of contraption to reel her in.”

He said the gator ended up at the pond because a pickup truck carrying a trailer smashed into her cage that’s 20 feet behind his home. He said the crash left a hole as big as two hands.

“I’m trying to take every professional legal step to this and I’m clueless,” Doll said.

ABC 57 News left a message with the police department about this case. Legally, because of the size of the alligator, Doll does not need a permit for Sassy.  

“I basically just want my alligator back, and this is telling me if someone forgets something at your house and you leave it there too long it’s not yours no more and it’s none of your business who took it,” he said.

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