Man killed in LaPorte house fire, daughter grieving father's passing

NOW: Man killed in LaPorte house fire, daughter grieving father’s passing

LAPORTE, Ind.--- Around 5:13 a.m. on Tuesday, the LaPorte Police Department said they received a call about a house fire on the 600 block of Fourth St.

According to officials, the police attempted to enter the home, but due to flames and heavy smoke they were unable to enter.

Officials said the LaPorte Fire Department arrived on the scene to extinguish the fire. Once the fire was put out officials reported finding a deceased male inside the home.

Ashley Peek, the daughter of the victim found in the home, confirmed 58-year-old Melvin Peek died in the fire.

Peek said her father was in hospice and had been battling stage four lung cancer. According to Peek, she believes the fire may have been caused by her father smoking cigarettes around his oxygen machine.

Ashley Peek said she looked after her father and is completely shaken up by his loss, especially with his birthday coming up in just a few days.  

 “I wish he was here right now with me,” said Peek. "His birthday was in a few days and he wanted a ukulele even though he wasn’t going to be able to play it. I don’t know I just miss him dearly and I wish he was still here. I love him very much.”

Peek and her boyfriend Devon Lopez said Melvin Peek was an upbeat person and they’re trying to wrap their minds around him being gone.

Ashley Peek said she wants people to be extra careful when using and or operating an oxygen machine.

“If you are on oxygen for the love of God please don’t smoke around it, not even near it,” said Peek. "It’s not worth risking your life over and losing a loved one.”

Officials say there doesn’t seem to be any foul play involved and the State Fire Marshall along with the LaPorte City Fire are currently investigating the case.

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