Man drowns in Lake Michigan near Cherry Beach

CHIKAMING TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- One adult male and two children were swept out into the deep waters of Lake Michigan on Sunday.

Rip currents were so strong and waves were so high that emergency crews had to rescue them.

When Kathy Bielik heard the waves crashing against Lake Michigan's shoreline, she noticed a change.

"The rip currents are bad," Bielik said.

The waves were several feet high and she and her friend were thinking about going in. But that's when they saw emergency crews pass by them on the beach.

When they looked out to the water, they noticed three people getting pulled farther and farther out.

"It was scary; very scary," Bielik said. "I mean, it could be your child, your friend. I know it's very dangerous and people are unaware."

Bielik said crews had their boats in the water looking to rescue those who were swept out. She's not sure how it happened, but thinks more needs to be done in educating people on the dangers of rip currents.

"I think one needs to be aware of when the conditions are unsafe to stay out of the water," Bielik said.

She wants people to know that once they set foot on the beach, safety should be a top priority.

"I mean, I understand we don't have lifeguards on the beaches," Bielik said. "That's okay, swim at your own risk."

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