Man found guilty on attack of Michigan State Trooper

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. -  A jury found Michael Barber, who was accused of assaulting a Michigan State Trooper in February, was found guilty on seven counts.

The jury heard from four witnesses Thursday. They included a medical expert, a Buchanan officer who came in as backup, and two good Samaritans.

The good Samaritans jumped in when they witnessed an altercation between the trooper and Barber and his brother.

The trooper tried to pull Barber over, while he was allegedly driving a stolen motorcycle. The two good Samaritans held down Barber and his brother to keep them from hurting the trooper.

“We got him to the ground, kind of struggled a bit. He was trying to kick us and then got him on the ground he held his legs up he was trying to from the way I saw it kick officer Guild still,” said Jerry Burnham, one of the good Samaritans.

The incident, which was caught on dash cam video, showed Barber never verbally told his brother to choke Trooper Garry Guild, but the prosecution says he didn't stop it either and made it worse by punching the trooper.

The defense says however, there was never a plot by the brothers.

“Where was the decision to kill somebody? Where was the decision to strangle somebody? When was this decision to create bodily harm? When did all that planning take place given the fact they never spoke?” said Scott Sanford, defense attorney.

Barber was facing seven counts including assault with intent to murder.

Barber was found guilty on all 6 counts and found guilty of assault with intent to cause bodily harm instead of murder. Barber will be back in court June 19th for sentencing.      

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