Man made snow at Swiss Valley Ski area

For the first time in decades Michiana experienced a near snowless December. There were only .2 inches of snow in the whole month.

Swiss Valley Ski area is nestled in the nation's snow belt, most would think that Swiss Valley would have heaps snow on the ground,but the lack of snow in December has left ski slopes sporting green grass instead.

So what happens when old man winter is late?

"At Swiss Valley Ski we are prepared when Mother Nature doesn't do it for us. We are ready to take matters into our own hand," said Jamie Stafne, Marketing Director of Swiss Valley.

They create their very own snowy retreat with close to 100 stationary and mobile snow makers.

The snow machines pump out snow flurries to make skiing and snowboarding a reality.

Friday was their first day of the ski season, with thermometers reading above freezing temperatures, it made for an enjoyable afternoon.

Despite the lack of significant snowfall hitting Michiana just yet, Swiss Valley is still expecting 50,000 - 60,000 skiers this season.

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