Manhunt for possible serial killer

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- A manhunt for a possible serial killer near our nation's capitol is in full swing.

A shocking murder in suburban Virginia last week has disturbing similarities to two previous unsolved murders in the same area.

A long-time neighborhood piano teacher was shot and killed after someone knocked on her door on Thursday.

A police sketch has been released of a person of interest.

"There's good news, bad news in that, if it’s the same person, because the good news is that they could maybe narrow it down, increase their odds of figuring out who this artistic drawing might be. The bad news is they've got a guy out there that's very determined to kill people," said former FBI agent Brad Garrett.

Virginia police say there has been a surge in calls to locksmiths.

Those living there are desperate to get peep-holes installed on their doors in neighborhoods where people sometimes left their doors unlocked.

Extra precautions are being taken as police continue their search.

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