Many stores still hiring seasonal workers

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- If you are trying to a find a few ways to earn some extra bucks this holiday season you are in luck. ABC57 spent the day talking with stores all across Michiana to tell you who’s still hiring this holiday season and who’s not.

The store director of the Meijer on Bremen Highway said although holiday hiring is winding down, there are still quite a few jobs left for those who may have waited to apply.

“It’s going to be a busy, busy few weeks and we need a lot of people to handle that,” said Meijer Store Director Rick Zeeff.

And as holiday shopping begins, the lines will be longer, and the staff will be bigger.

“We are actually hiring a few more people and I know all the stores in the area are,” Zeeff said.

Those looking for seasonal jobs should generally start applying in October but he said it is certainly not too late.

“Each store probably has about 10 to 20 positions available.”

UPS is also hiring. Right now they need five to 10 driver helpers to assist with dropping off all those presents, as well as five to 10 package handlers. You can apply for those jobs online.

And Toys R’ Us needs more help as well. They plan to hire 15 to 20 additional people to work the cash register and stock.

And for those who need more than just a seasonal job—this may this is a foot in the door for a full time gig.

“Most of the seasonal help ends up staying till after the holidays are done. So while it is listed as seasonal it can turn into a permanent position,” said Zeeff.

Other stores that are still hiring this season include Target and Kohl’s.

Menards said they are always accepting applications but will not be hiring any more people at this time.

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