Marine veteran honored by Marine Riders of Michiana

NOW: Marine veteran honored by Marine Riders of Michiana

ELKHART, Ind. -- At first glance, the Marine Riders of Michiana (MRM) may look like a tough group of people, which they are, but they also have a special spot in their hearts for veterans who need help.

One former Vietnam marine veteran needed the joy MRM can bring. The marine veteran calls the Elkhart Place Retirement Community home, where he is a patient with Heart-to-Heart Hospice.   

Heart-to-Heart reached out to MRM to ask them if they would be interested in doing a honor ride-by for the veteran on hospice, and MRM quickly jumped on board. The president for MRM, Stacy "Nick" Nicodemus, said it's just what they do for a marine in need.  

“It’s just doing the right thing at the right time. Somebody needs the help and it’s not going to take a lot out of us just to stop by and see him,” said Nicodemus.  

The oldest grandson of the veteran, Charlie Jackson, said it was nice of MRM to show up and put a smile on his grandfather's face.  

"He's always loved the marines and he's always loved Harley Davidson, so you put those two in one thing and he's a pretty happy guy," explained  

The Marine Riders of Michiana's secretary, Don "Pony" Mikesell, says they do events like this often. Check out their website to contact them about a veteran in need.  

"Once you become a marine it just, it never leaves you. I like to say it doesn't wash off," said Mikesell.  

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