Marshall County moves back to orange

NOW: Marshall County moves back to orange

PLYMOUTH, Ind.-- Just last week Marshall County officials saw a dip in the positivity rate by 20% since their peak in December, making the county scoot down to the yellow category. Exactly 1 week later, the county no longer sticking with those improvements, being the only county since then to move back to orange

“I’m just really bummed. Because you’re like oh yeah, we’re in yellow now and then you know two steps forward three steps back,” Thistle and Clove Owner Della Watson.

For some, it’s disappointing, but they’re not throwing in the towel yet.

“People are so used to it anymore that I you know. I just think it’s like one more thing. It’s like okay we’re at yellow now we’re at orange. We’ll get back there again,” Watson said.

Della Watson owns “Thistle and Clove” in Downtown Plymouth. It’s a boutique offering everything from local art, to soap, to spices. Business has of course slowed down for her since the pandemic started, but she has seen an increase in local vendors wanting to sell their products at her shop.

“It gives them something else to do and work for and a little bit of income on the side that kind of thing and you know, you want to help people out, and that’s what I’m about,” Watson.

Watson said it’s sad to see Marshall County and its businesses struggle, but says all there really is to do about it all is follow safety protocol, go with the flow and just wait for things to get better.

“We have to go, roll with the punches,” Watson said. “I try not to worry about what the next day is going to bring you know...because you don’t know. You live your life in moments and that’s how it is, and that’s how it is with COVID. everything’s a moment.”

ABC57 did reach out to the Marshall County Health Department multiple times for comment, but did not receive a response.

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