Marshall County Tourism helping area organizations and boosting economy

Tourism can mean big bucks for local businesses. Officials in Marshall County are looking to attract newcomers all while supporting organizations in the area.

For the last three years, Marshall County Tourism has allocated over $20,000 in funding to help area organizations with marketing, development and hosting events.

This money helps qualified organizations with promoting tourism activities throughout the county which in turn, increases hotel/motel occupancy and boosts the local economy.

“It’s really helped some organizations and smaller events,” said Cori Humes, the Executive Director of Marshall County Tourism. “If they apply and they are a recipient, they’re able to use those dollars to help promote which ultimately benefits Marshall County,” Humes said.

They’re currently accepting applications for the 2017 cycle. They increased the amount to $30,000 to accommodate more nonprofits.

Past recipients have used the money for various marketing strategies.

“It can be as easy as a promotional flyer or it can be to develop their website,” Humes said.

They look for several qualifications from applicants.

“They need to be able to show in some way if they’re trying to promote an overnight stay by a visitor,” Humes said.

The maximum amount of funding for one applicant is $2,000. An organization can fill out more than one application for different events.

All events must be held in Marshall County.

For more information on the application process, visit

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