Martin's addresses traffic concerns for new South Bend location

A  new Martin’s is scheduled to open on the corner of Mayflower and Western in South Bend.

At Monday’s Common Council meeting the public stuck around for hours just to voice their opinions on the store.

Council members, local business owners, and many future Martin’s customers expressed their support for the upcoming South Bend location.

“You can count on them and I think we should continue to support them,” said Dr. Fred Ferlic, 4th District Council Member.

“The pride that they take in our community and in their stores, I just think they're just an outstanding local corporate citizen,” said Mark Neal, Chief Operating Officer of Bradley Company

But there’s one thing standing in the way of construction - traffic concerns.

Some residents say that access to the new store from Hollywood Boulevard could cause traffic congestion and accidents.

Although the entire council says they’re in support of the new Martin’s they want answers for concerned neighbors.

“I have to ask these questions. I got to live with my people. I mean you work there, but I live there,” said Oliver Davis, 6th District Council Member.

Martin’s representatives said they are working on getting a traffic study to alleviate the public’s concerns

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