May flowers springing up along Douglas Road

MISHAWAKA, Ind. --Take a look at all of these beautiful flowers!

They all sprung up this week along Douglas Road in Mishawaka at First Stage Greenhouses!

It's a family owned business that has been up and running for more than twenty years.
The flowers are grown in the greenhouses year round and then put up for sale each May.  
There have been plenty of questions about when is the right time this year to plant.
"Within the next week, week and a half it should be pretty safe.  We might have some cold nights but I think we're getting closer to the time,"  said Vance Waldorp, First Stage Greenhouses.
Flowers range from just a couple bucks to $15-$20 a flat depending on what kind you want to buy.  
Hanging baskets are about $25. 

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