Mayor Dave Wood: Mishawaka is lean, efficient and moving forward

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- In just his second State of the City speech, Mishawaka mayor Dave Wood declared the city to be fiscally stable.

He said it's lean, efficient, and above all else moving forward. The speech came during Monday’s city council meeting in front of a packed house.

Mayor Wood talked about improving the quality of life in Mishawaka. He touched on job opportunities and economic development as well as providing public services.

He also said this year begins a planning process for the city's bicentennial, which is still a couple of decades away.

"It's going to be goals oriented, it's going to be issues oriented, and it's going to be results oriented,” said Mayor Wood.

Mayor Wood is not just focusing on the bicentennial in 2033. He said 2012 will have its share of challenges that he and his staff are prepared to tackle.

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