Mayor Pete Buttigieg mourns father’s passing

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—Joseph Buttigieg, former Notre Dame professor and father to Mayor Pete Buttigieg, passed away on Sunday.

The Mayor announced the passing of his father in a heartfelt statement posted to his Facebook page.

“We are in mourning today. With his family at his side, Dad passed away peacefully earlier this afternoon. We miss him already but his love of life, and his moral passion, will stay with us forever. During his illness we were especially grateful for support from friends and family, and for the excellent medical care he received throughout.As a friend, colleague, thinker, and educator, he touched countless lives, and we hope to find a way to honor his impact later on in the spring. Meanwhile we are left with memories of his powerful intellect, his extensive legacy, his personal warmth and his deeply felt love for Mom, me, and all those close to him. The last thing he said to us was, 'it’s been a good trip.' So it has. We love you, Dad."

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