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Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign raised over $24M in second quarter

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s 2020 presidential campaign announced Monday morning that it raised over $24 million during the second fundraising quarter.

The announcement was made in an email to Pete for America donors that also thanked supporters for their help in raising approximately $24,800,000. Over 400,000 people donated to the campaign, the announcement said.

The close of the second fundraising quarter comes less than a week after the first round of Democratic presidential debates. Buttigieg appeared during the second night of the debate held in Miami, Florida on June 26-27.

Buttigieg’s campaign raised over $7 million during the first quarter.

The South Bend Mayor announced his run for president during an event in Studebaker Building 84 on April 14.

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SteveWestlake 142 days ago
WoW! 400,000 uninformed very easily swayed …. what can you say? Look at "his" city as he calls it! Pretty lights at the river! Bleeding and dead bodies everywhere. Gangs running rampant. Gangs running the city. Why are there so many shootings! Lots of drugs! That's why! A HUGE civil city budget! Twice as big as Ft Wayne's, a city 2.5 times larger! South Bend! A city twice the size of Elkhart. South bend's budget 4.5 times larger. Failing schools. All the great attributes of a DemonRat candidate! And he is a vet, schooled in the weapons of war! Really PeteY? What category does a laptop and desk fall into as a weapon of war? Oh and located well within the green zone! Where is that Afghanistan Action ribbon?
Mark 142 days ago
It's fan club tribute. It could be billions. He will not win and will not get picked. His endorsement will be gender pandering bait. What he says don't matter. His party compromises what he believes on the world stage and its compromising his honesty.
Reagan started out as a idealist twit democrat.
Mark Mark 142 days ago
Maybe the 100% all important demographic chemistry of Harris/Buttigieg? Hummm?? He's probably the right guy for Warnen too??
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