Mayor Pete on smoking ban: This policy is going to save lives


The mayor of South Bend spoke to ABC57 about the passing of the controversial smoking ban.

After getting struck down twice before, the South Bend Common Council passed the city wide smoking ban, following an intense debate Tuesday evening.

It prohibits smoking inside any workplace within city limits.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg said he is a supporter of this ban.

“Last night was a step in the right direction for public health. I know there were passions on both sides of the issue but the bottom line is, this policy is going to save lives. Now we’ve got to make sure we’re working with small businesses that are affected to help them prepare,” said Mayor Buttigieg.

Opponents of the ban worry this is another way to push businesses into neighboring Mishawaka.

“I think this will help South Bend’s businesses compete even more effectively. There’s some evidence saying that when bars and restaurants go smoke free they actually see even more business. And we’ll have a chance to test that. It will be smokier in Mishawaka, safer in South Bend,” he explained.

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