McDaniel Harley-Davidson holds veterans ride

NOW: McDaniel Harley-Davidson holds veterans ride

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- McDaniel Harley-Davidson held its annual ride for veterans on Sunday. The ride partners with B100 for its annual "Birthday Bash".

The ride started about 10 years ago. Each year attracts hundreds of riders for the event.

"It’s very helpful for the community. It’s very helpful for the veterans," said Zac McDaniel of McDaniel Harley-Davidson. "It goes for many different uses, medical, any psychological needs that they need, they take care of them."

The ride started at McDaniel Harley-Davidson on Lincolnway West and lasted 45 minutes going through South Bend. Proceeds from the ride will go towards the Center for the Homeless's Veteran's Center. 

"It’s just an awesome opportunity, a fun time," said McDaniel. "Just to bring awareness to the veterans and just to help people realize that there really are veterans that are homeless that need our help and support."

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