MDOT sets up cameras on I-94 in Benton Harbor

The Michigan department of transportation has installed new traffic cameras on highways in Benton Harbor. 

The cameras are small, and you may not see them driving through. They've been placed at the I-94 business loop, the I-96 interchange, the Pipestone road ramp in Benton Harbor and near St. Joseph township.

MDOT says the cost of each camera is about $100,000 dollars. 

The purpose is to monitor traffic on major highways.

"We can see backups coming and alert motorists to them," said Nick Schirripa with MDOT. 

"When we have incidents or crashes on the roads we are able to let people know ahead of time. And help them get around it if they are in a hurry to find their or just know there is a delay coming."

The cameras are not used to track speed.

MDOT says they've gotten good feedback from the public as well. People like that you can check the live feed before you head out the door, even on your phone.

You can check out the live feeds here

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