Meals for Wheels providing frozen meals while closed

The Meals on Wheels program in South Bend, which provides hot meals for the elderly and disabled, is closing up Wednesday and Thursday for the Holidays. But that doesn't mean food won't be coming out of their kitchen.

George Hawthorne of REAL services say frozen meals are being prepared for current members of the program.

Hawthorne says he understands that some families may be leaving for the holidays and have loved ones who may need a meal in their absence. 

The organization has been working to get meals together for them while the program's volunteers and workers are out of the office.

Hawthorne encourages you to call in early if you want temporary service. The application process can be longer for some.

“There's a lot of people that don't have family members either and you and I still have to eat," said Hawthorne. "They still have to eat. That's exactly why we're doing the program and trying to make sure they have something to eat over the holiday.”

That number to call is 574-256-1649. Meals On Wheels is also providing opportunities for you to give back to the community this holiday season. The organization needs volunteers and donations. You can call that number to support as well. 

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