Meet Notre Dame's newest leprechauns

NOW: Meet Notre Dame’s newest leprechauns

The new class of leprechauns for the University of Notre Dame's 2019-2020 school year are the most diverse yet.

The lineup includes the second and third African American leprechauns and the first female leprechaun.

Junior Samuel Jackson and sophomores Conal Fagan and Lynnette Wukie were chosen to be the mascot.

Wukie says she has received a lot of positive feedback since being named the first female leprechaun.

"I've actually had a lot of moms reach out to me to say my daughter's super excited to see you. They hope to be the leprechaun now. Me and Sam are kind of breaking the stigma of 'the leprechaun has to look like this. Those are the best messages, besides the congrats, just like the ones 'you're doing something important' more than just the mascot," Wukie said.

Fagan, who is from Ireland, was a leprechaun his freshman year, too.

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