Mel Hall says he won't support Pelosi as speaker or minority leader

NOW: Mel Hall says he won’t support Pelosi as speaker or minority leader

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Mel Hall, the Democratic candidate for Indiana's 2nd District says he won't support Rep. Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House or Minority Leader if he is elected.

Hall stated in a press release:

“I do not currently support and will not support Nancy Pelosi for leadership in the next Congress. Washington is broken – and career politicians in both parties are to blame.”

"People are working hard in the 2nd District, but Congress isn’t working for them. And, in my experience on the farm, as a minister, and in business, when something isn’t working you fix it.”

"Electing new leadership – in both parties – is an important step in getting Congress to work for the people who elected them instead of simply helping themselves. Finally, Hoosiers in northern Indiana need a representative in Congress who will be a problem solver and serve as an independent voice.”

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