Memorial for a victim of the accused serial killer

Suspected killer Darren Vann confessed to killing Knox-native Kristene Williams a little over a week ago.
She was killed and her body was thrown into a vacant home months ago and on Saturday her family said their final goodbyes.

A chilling story from Kristine's sister, she told ABC57 that Darren Vann warned Kristine back in February. He actually took her to an abandoned home where he had already hidden one of his victims and he told her she would be next. Now the family said it is time to get justice for Vann's actions.

“We didn't want to lose her, we needed her. We wanted her home and now she can never come home,” said Kristine's “step-daughter”, Barbara Richardson said.

To never come home is a heartbreaking fact the family now has to face. After searching for Kristine Williams for months, now, they are saying their last goodbyes.

The family came together in memory of their Kristine at the M.C. Smith Funeral Home in Knox. They said Saturday was about celebrating the life of a mother of five, a daughter, a sister and a friend.

“Kind-hearted, loving woman. Made some mistakes but we all do,” said Richardson. She said it is now time Darren Vann pays for taking Kristene away from so many who loved her. “I truthfully think that he should have the death penalty. I think that should be back on the table because now my brother has no mother thanks to that animal and now his brothers or sisters have no mother because of this animal,” said Richardson.

Vann has been charged with the murder of two woman and is suspected in the death of Williams and four other cases of deceased women found in vacant homes in Gary and Hammond.

“There's no excuse to the stuff that he done to her or any of the other women,” said Richardson. She said knowing Kristene Williams is in heaven is what gets them through the days.

Vann has pled not-guilty in the murder of two other women and investigation is still on-going for the deaths of the other women and the potential for there to be more.

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