Mercuria purchases Noble Americas South Bend Ethanol

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Mercuria Investments US, Inc. purchased the entirety of Noble Americas South Bend Ethanol, LLC and renamed it South Bend Ethanol, LLC.

Mercuria stated that they plan to spend up to $30 million to make SBE more efficient, reliable, and improve production by 50 percent.

“Mercuria is pleased to invest in, and is strongly committed to, South Bend. We believe in the long-term viability of ethanol and the value it brings to the American farmer, while providing a cheap, clean burning fuel to the world.” said Brian Falik of Mercuria.

Some improvements that Mercuria have decided on for SBE are replacing and installing components that will bring productivity up.

South Bend Ethanol will continue to be a significant partner to local farmers that are consistent, sustainable and growing with a demand for their corn production.

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