MI Dept. of Education proposes guidelines for LGBT students

There could be changes coming to Michigan schools if some new proposed guidelines are passed. The state's Department of Education has drafted guidelines dealing with gay, lesbian, and transgender students.

The proposed guidelines are aimed at providing a "safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environment for all students and ensuring that every student has equal access to educational programs and activities," according to the State Board of Education Statement and Guidance on
Safe and Supportive Learning Environments for LGBTQ Students

Guidelines within the proposal talk about allowing LGBT students to decide which intramural sports teams they will play on as well as which restrooms they will use based on which gender they identify with.

The state department is also encouraging districts to implement programs to give school staff developmental opportunities to understand and improve safety for LGBT students.

At this time the guidelines are only a draft. Public comment is encouraged on the draft. Feedback will be accepted from March 12 through April 11, 2016.

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