Michael Williams appears in court

 Michael Williams is accused of viciously stabbing four strangers on a train December 5th. 

He appeared before a Niles judge Monday afternoon.

In court Michael Williams appeared via video conference. 

He seemed agitated at the judges questions.  

Police documents state that Williams says he was talking to a man on the train, and that man turned into a demon.

Williams said he had no choice but to fight him.  

Monday afternoon there was no sign that a crime ever occurred this weekend at the Niles Amtrak station.

Even though the crime tape has been taken down, 44-year-old Michael Williams sits behind bars on a one million dollar bond.

The Saginaw, Michigan native is accused of stabbing four people aboard a train..

Including the conductor. Identified as 40-year-old Dontrel Bankhead.  

He was slashed two times in the head, two times in the neck and several other times on the body.

The other three victims,all passengers traveling from Chicago.

59 –year-old Bonnie Cleasby was stabbed in the abdomen

56-year-old Dan Stewart stabbed one time in the chest.

And 47-year-old Gail Vanhorst who was also stabbed in the chest.

The weapon recovered at the scene,a five inch hunting knife.

In court, Williams appeared a bit flustered as the judge read off his four charges of assault with intent to murder.

Williams told the judge someone robbed him, saying, "Someone took all the money out of my wallet and my cards."

He never specified if this robbery occurred on the Amtrak train.

Williams also shared information about his background.

Saying he's been working as a truck driver for the last several months.

Williams is set to appear in court later this month.  
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