Michiana aviation program cutting flight hour requirements

NOW: Michiana aviation program cutting flight hour requirements

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich – Andrews University is incorporating a new curriculum in their aviation program, reducing flight hour requirements to receive an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certification while paying attention to safety. 

“I think it could be a good thing, I know the number of hours students need is very costly and has been holding back a lot of people and it could make a pilot’s license more accessible,” South Bend traveler Daniel Huang said. 

Andrews University is one of a few university level programs that received a waiver from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), changing the total amount of hours needed to receive an ATP from 1,500 hours to 1,000 and changing the requirement for a commercial pilot’s license from 250 to 210.  

“Andrews University’s aviation department has been working for the past five years putting together requirements that are necessary to meet the restricted ATP rating,” Andrews University Assistant Professor David Macomber said.  

Macomber says despite the reduced hours there are strict stipulations both the school and students must meet to make sure security isn’t compromised.  

“This new program makes safety greater because it means that the students are going through a highly organized and highly planned system for training." 

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