Michiana beach businesses prepare for warm weather crowds

 A little sunshine can bring big bucks for businesses located in Michigan's beach towns.

Joe Rudnick,  president of Tapistry Brewing in Bridgman, said he sees at least double the sales when the sun is shining.

“One of the things we say around here is, 'if the sun's shining and it's above 50 degrees, we're going to be busy,'” Rudnick said. 

The Silver Beach Carousel in St. Joseph is also preparing for more customers.

“In the summertime, we've gone as high as 1,400 or 1,500 riders per day,” Carla Sykora, an administrative assistant at the carousel, said.

Sykora said she's looking to fill about 120 volunteer hours per week during summer.

Both Rudnick and Sykora said meeting new customers is the best part about warm weather.

“It's fun meeting people to be honest with you. That's a big part of this job,” Rudnick said.

The carousel even receives international guests.

“I know for a fact we've had people from Australia, Japan, Germany,” Sykora said.

Both businesses reported seeing equal amounts of tourists and locals showing up during the summer. 
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