Michiana businesses participating in "A Day Without Immigrants"

What would America look like without immigrants? Today a nationwide protest is aiming to answer that question and show support to Immigrants in the wake of President Trump's recent executive order. That protest is extending all the way to Michiana.

Immigrants in cities like Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Austin, Texas will stay home as part of a strike called “A Day Without Immigrants”, which was loosely organized on social media and by word of mouth.

Business owners will shut their doors and participants are encouraged to not take their children to school, buy gas, eat at restaurants or even go to work.

In Michiana, Latino business owners in Elkhart told ABC 57 News they are participating and closing their business in solidarity.

The owners of Super Mercado Rosales in South Bend also will be closed, posting a sign on their door that reads “We are sorry we are closed in support “One Day without Immigrants, God Bless You."

"I feel like this is a good cause," said Jessica Rosales, who's family owns Super Mercado Rosales. "Not only does it unite us together, but we also hope to get a message out to our President and to the administration," she said.

Organizers prepared this day to show the world and lawmakers in Washington D.C. that immigrants are an essential part of society. It’s in response to President Trump’s crackdown on immigration, promising to build a wall and ordering an immigration ban.

Policymakers and the Trump administration haven’t responded to the planned protests. It is unclear how many people will be boycotting today. 

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