Michiana businesses reporting better news than Nation's bad job report

South Bend, Ind. - Local businesses say they are not feeling the effects of the trouble rippling from Washington.

With all the signs pointing to tough times from the U.S. job report released Today, there are for hire signs all around Michiana.

Managers from local businesses in the area say business is picking back up again, which is why they say they are boosting their staffs once again.


Notre Dame football is back, Fall is around the corner and so are the Holidays, making it easily the busiest time of year for local businesses around Michiana.


However, managers say that is not the only reason why they are hiring right now.


"As a matter of fact our sales are growing right now. We are looking for people to fill these spots because we need people," says Main Street Pub manager Patrick Rudy.


Other businesses, like the South Bend Chocolate Cafe agree, saying they have much better news to report than the job report released Today did.


"It feels like people are a little happier and they are getting out. They are splurging a little bit more, and they are maybe buying a little bit more than they were last year," says South Bend Chocolate Cafe retail operations manager Nisa Buller.


Even though the South Bend Chocolate Cafe does not have a "now hiring" sign on its door, that does not mean they are not looking for more workers.


In fact, just last week they hired two Notre Dame students who came in to buy chocolate, all because they really liked their energy and outgoing personalities.



"What I look for when I hire, not only here but at all of our other locations too, is personality, that drive and that smile," says Buller.


The need is great right now for businesses as they enter the busy season, but not everyone is seeing as many people walking through their doors looking for a job.



"Actually, we have seen quite and influx in applications, not as much as I would like to see, but the 'now hiring' sign out front should help with that," says Rudy.


Although business is up, these managers say they have to work even harder now to win that business, which is why they say they are being more selective in who they hire.


Both the managers at the Main Street Pub and the South Bend Chocolate Cafe say they have dozens of job openings to fill right now.

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