Michiana cleaning service sees increase in business due to coronavirus

NOW: Michiana cleaning service sees increase in business due to coronavirus

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – Gobel’s Cleaning Service in Mishawaka says their clients are requesting that their offices and residences be cleaned and disinfected at double the rate in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The Owner of Gobel’s Cleaning Service, Josh Gobel, spoke to ABC57 and told us that his business has experienced a significant increase in calls, emails and meetings since the first confirmed case of coronavirus in St. Joseph County.

“Some clients have asked us to maintain what we’re doing,” Gobel said. “Maybe wipe down the chairs and the handrails and things like that. Others have asked us to completely double the scope of what we’re doing. So if we’re supposed to do it one time a day, now they want it done twice a day.”

Although there could be an increased risk of exposure for his staff, Gobel says that they should be okay as long as they follow their normal routine.

Gobel also offered his advice on how to deal with the spread of coronavirus, and he suggested that everyone follow common sense everyday hygiene practices.

“I think that the misnomer is that the more hand sanitizer you use, the better you are and sometimes I think that we’re too sanitized at times to where our immune systems aren’t able to fight off some of these things are so clean all the time,” Gobel said.

Gobel Cleaning Service specializes in residential and office cleaning.

The clients they serve include industrial complexes, homes and surgery centers.

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