Michiana Crime Stoppers increasing rewards for gun violence tips

NOW: Michiana Crime Stoppers increasing rewards for gun violence tips


SOUTH BEND, Ind --- Michiana Crime Stoppers launched its Victory Over Violence program that increases its rewards for tips in an effort to encourage more people to come forward about gun crimes.

The initiative came just a few weeks after the city’s first quarterly safety update and as police investigate two deadly shootings already this year.

Both officials and community members said they hope an increased incentive will encourage more people to step up and speak out.

“It’s concerning you’re afraid your children could be outside and something bad can happen,” said South Bend resident Timothy Hubbard.

Timothy Hubbard is a former police officer and lives on Diamond avenue in South Bend just houses down from where the recent shooting claimed the life of 40-year-old Terrance Cannon Sr.

“I spent my entire career as a police officer so it doesn’t bother me at all if I know something of course I’m going to talk, but not everybody thinks that way,” said Hubbard.

“Enough is enough. On February 1st Michiana crime stoppers board of directors took another stand against gun violence by putting our money where our mouth is,” added South Bend Police Department Lieutenant Kayla Miller, who’s also the Michiana Crime Stoppers Coordinator

The new Victory Over Violence initiative designates an additional $1,000 for tips leading to the solving or an arrest in crimes committed with a gun, like shootings, armed robberies or assaults.

“I think it’s important we’re raising the incentive level and the engagement level with our community because we can only tackle the violence in the community if we come together,” said Mayor South Bend James Mueller.

“Gun violence in our city is important and that we are we are looking for ways to get information so that the people that are perpetuating these heinous crimes can be brought to Justice,” added Pastor Canneth Lee the First District Councilman and a Gun Violence Intervention Advocate.

Last year officials said there were over eleven-hundred-gun violence incidents in the city nearly 20 of those deadly, which is why the latest initiative also follows the recent tip increase for homicide cases.

Again, if have information about any of the recent shootings in the city you can call the South Bend Police Department or Michiana Crime Stoppers at 574-288-STOP.

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