Michiana feels the effects of Indiana earthquake

NOW: Michiana feels the effects of Indiana earthquake

Here in Michiana, we're typically ready for any kind of weather. From blizzards to floods to tornadoes, Mother Nature throws a lot at this area of the country. 

On Thursday, the forces that be added "earthquakes" to the list.

A 3.8 magnitude earthquake was reported just before 3:20 p.m. this afternoon near Montezuma, which is west of Indianapolis and near the Indiana/Illinois state line.

 Many across Michiana reported feeling some shaking or hearing popping noises. While there are no reports of injuries or damage, folks more than 150 miles north felt the quake Thursday afternoon.

An earthquake below 4.0 on the Richter scale usually does not cause damage or injuries. You can find a breakdown of the scale scientists use to classify the strength of earthquakes below:

Earthquakes are rare across most of Indiana. However, the location of this quake fell on the outskirts of the Wabash Valley fault zone. This is the same fault area where the Mt. Carmel, Illinois earthquake in 2008 originated.

Earthquakes are very uncommon across Michiana. However, a 3.0 magnitude earthquake was centered in LaGrange County back in 2012.

Michiana weather truly has something for everyone! 

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