Michiana funeral home accepting worn out American flags

NOW: Michiana funeral home accepting worn out American flags

LA PORTE, Ind. - Worn and torn.

If you own an American flag that isn't in the best shape, a La Porte funeral home is asking you to donate it for a good cause.

Haverstock Funeral Home just launched a flag retirement program that honors both the veterans who’ve served this country, and the flag, they fought for.

Rhonda graves, a family service advisor with the funeral home, launched the program after someone asked her if such a program, existed at Haverstock.

She took the idea to her co-workers, and with the help of Facebook and flyers, it took off.

Already, 50 flags have been donated so that any veteran who wants to be cremated with a flag can do so.

Graves says every American flag needs to be retired honorably and the program, makes that happen.

“I have a soft spot for veterans so to know they being honored is really exciting for me everything we can do to make a different in that area is a lot of fun hear warming awesome community involved wouldn’t have thought take off like that its been nice," said Graves.

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