Michiana gun show sees huge crowds following Colorado tradgedy

Eau Claire, MI -- "It wasn't a shock, I mean, shootings come and shootings go," Scott Igert, owner of Modern Antique Firearms, said.

He's seen a lot of changes in his time dealing guns, but one thing that never shifts is the way he operates.

"I'm just here to run a business and make some money," Igert said.

He and his family have owned one of the largest gun shops in Southwest Michigan for over fifty years.

Traveling to gun shows is nothing new to him, and neither is doing well after a tragedy; like the one in Colorado.

"Since the shooting, we've seen an increase," Igert said. "A lot more customers are coming in. We've probably seen about a thirty percent sales increase."

Nearly one thousand people came to the gun show to buy everything from rifles to AK-47's.

Jerry Glassman and his wife Aimee own Big Bear Auction Company, and they were surprised by the turnout.

"We had three gun dealers who completely cleaned their tables," Glassman said. "They sold all of the guns and ammunition they brought."

He's not sure why so many people showed up, but thinks some might feel insecure about their safety following a tragedy. Glassman said it's an unfortunate situation, but he's satisfied with current gun laws.

"You could do the same thing the guy in Colorado did with an automoblie, so the gun was just a portion of that," Glassman said.

And for Igert, who is also a police officer, that's something he agrees with. He knows first hand just how important gun law enforcement is.
"I think most gun owners are legal, responsible citizens," Igert said. "And unfortunately, a gun gets in the wrong person's hands, and that gun ends up hurting somebody else."

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