Michiana leaders release statements about Dallas shooting

Michiana leaders have released statements about the deaths of 5 police officers in Dallas.

In addition, Indiana Governor Mike Pence has ordered all flags be flown at half staff immediately to honor the five officers killed Thursday night. Flags should be lowered until sunset July 12.

Governor Pence statement:

Our condolences and prayers go out to the families of the law enforcement officers who lost their lives in the horrific ambush in Dallas last night. This cowardly attack is a national tragedy and the hearts of every Hoosier are in Dallas today.
This attack on police officers in Dallas is also a heartbreaking reminder of the risks the men and women of our law-enforcement community take every day to protect and serve our communities.
In the wake of this tragedy, we must be clear that violence and threats against law enforcement officers will never be tolerated and ensure that our police have the training and resources to defend themselves as they defend our communities.
Our hearts also go out to the families of those who lost their lives in police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota earlier this week.
As we mourn with those who mourn, now is also a time for Hoosiers to humble ourselves and reflect on how each of us might build bridges of opportunity and hope in struggling communities across our state.
To heal our land, we must stand with those who protect and serve and continue to reach out with generosity and compassion for those in need.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder released the following statement:

My heart is with the Dallas Police Department, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit police, and the communities they serve. Sue and I are offering up prayers for the victims of this senseless tragedy, their colleagues and their families. People sign up to be police officers to protect and to serve the public. This attack on the men and women who work to keep us safe was an attack on all of us, and we are all joining in their sorrow.
I was notified today that one of the fallen officers in Dallas is a Michigan native who previously worked in law enforcement in Southeast Michigan. We didn’t need this tragedy to be brought home to feel its impact, but still it hurts more this way.
I cannot imagine what went through the minds of law enforcement officers across the nation this morning as they woke up to prepare for work.  I want them to know that Michigan stands with each of them who bravely reported for duty today to continue protecting and serving in the wake of this tragedy.
To the families and colleagues of the officers killed in Dallas, we grieve with you. We will always be grateful for your sacrifice. We will not forget.

Senator Dan Coats released the following statement:

The Book of James tells us that life is a ‘vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.’ Sadly, this week the fragility of human life has been reinforced to all Americans through the tragic events in Baton Rouge, St. Paul and Dallas.
Our nation is hurting, and I mourn with the many who have lost loved ones or experienced tragedy. In the midst of sadness, we must commend the bravery of dedicated law enforcement officers in Indiana and across our country, many of whom run into harm’s way on a daily basis to protect the lives of those they serve.
At this critical time, we must pull together and remember what unites us as Americans. In times of distress, we always pull together – regardless of race, religion or creed – to condemn evil and work toward making our communities safer. This effort will require collaboration from our political leadership, law enforcement officials, civic leaders, pastors and every American citizen.
Our prayers need to be for those who are mourning, and our works need to be directed toward the peace, healing and reconciliation that will overcome divisiveness and violence in our country.

Elkhart County Sheriff's Department offers condolences

In light of the recent tragedy that has occurred in Dallas, Texas, our hearts go out to the families of the officers killed and wounded, their families, their fellow officers, and the city itself.  This is a tragic incident for our country and our profession and causes concern for all officers who serve their communities.  We will continue to be diligent in our service to our community and ask for the community’s support for our courageous officers who serve every day.  We will make no further comment on an incident that we have no involvement in or know any facts about and strongly caution others from drawing any conclusions without facts. 

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